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Increasing Nursing Efficiency: Documentation Simplification
Spark Phrase: Maximize the effectiveness of clinical resources by streamlining policies and documentation.

o Understand how to avoid needlessly complicating policies and documentation in the name of regulatory or accreditation compliance
o Inject common sense into the policy process to reduce duplication, clarify scope, connect policy with practice, and restore credibility with clinicians and others at the point of care and services
o Streamline and simplify nursing documentation.


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Bud Pate, REHS
Vice President, Clinical Compliance and High Reliability
Bud began his career in Public Health in 1973. By the time Bud left government service in 1988 to Join Kaiser Permanente, he managed state licensing and CMS survey activities for all non-long-term care providers/suppliers in Los Angeles County, the world’s 9th largest healthcare market. During his 15 years at Kaiser, Bud was responsible for hospital licensure, certification, and accreditation throughout the Southern California Region. Bud joined Chartis Clinical Quality Solutions (formerly The Greeley Company) in 2004 where he and Lisa Eddy developed the nation’s preeminent clinical compliance consulting group. Bud has lectured at many national conferences, authored seven books on quality, safety, and compliance, and represented the American Hospital Association on various Joint Commission committees. Bud has been instrumental in developing and nurturing our extraordinary approach to sustained compliance through simplification.
Lisa Eddy, MSN, MHA, RN, CPHQ
Vice President - Clinical Compliance & High Reliability
Lisa has more than 25 years of experience in CMS certification and accrediting agency regulatory compliance. As VP of Chartis Clinical Quality Solutions (formerly known as The Greeley Company), Lisa helps organizations transform adverse regulatory findings into solutions that yield improvements in safety, efficiency and effectiveness for certification and sustainable compliance. First-hand knowledge of executive-level nursing, hospital operations, quality and risk management are all embedded in the guidance she provides to organizations to help them achieve and maintain regulatory approval.
Kim Wilson
Senior Consultant- Clinical Compliance & High Reliability
Kim Wilson is a Senior Consultant for Chartis Clinical Quality Solutions with 20+ years of experience in clinical nursing, leadership, regulatory compliance, and informatics. Kim’s proven approach to simplification and process redesign benefits her clients in a variety of areas. She guides them through survey readiness assessments for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and The Joint Commission (TJC). Kim also leads adverse action engagements, policy simplification assessments, and training, as well as electronic medical record (EMR) simplifications for a variety of electronic medical platforms. Kim served on the Health Management System (HMS) Healthcare Quality Coalition Advisory Board, where she contributed to improving the design and structure of patient EMR layout, helping hospitals achieve Meaningful Use (MU) criteria. She provided critical feedback related to needs in the healthcare industry as a part of TJC’s Consultant Forum.