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EMTALA Made Simple
Over the past decade, more than a quarter of U.S. hospitals faced the threat of Medicare termination due to EMTALA citations. Each violation carries potential fines of more than $100,000 and far larger civil judgments brought by injured parties. There is only one way to deal with the insurmountable challenges of Emergency Department flow and EMTALA: create a demand-driven care process that sheds needless complexity.

This webinar features two clinical compliance experts from Chartis Clinical Quality Solutions and a healthcare compliance attorney who specializes in EMTALA. They’ll present real-world case studies and practical approaches for how front-line and healthcare leaders can address the challenges presented by EMTALA and related regulatory and accreditation requirements.

Learning Objectives:
- Discuss challenges that came to light during the pandemic, including staffing shortages and the increase of patient psychiatric conditions
- Identify successful approaches for coping with long waits for emergency department care and the challenges associated with boarded inpatients
- Clarify what it means to stabilize the patient or resolve an emergency medical condition
- Recognize lateral vs. higher-level-of-care transfers


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Lisa Eddy, MSN, MHA, RN, CPHQ
Vice President, Clinical Compliance & High Reliability @Chartis Clinical Quality Solutions
Lisa has more than 25 years of experience in CMS certification and accrediting agency regulatory compliance. As VP of Chartis Clinical Quality Solutions (formerly known as The Greeley Company), Lisa helps organizations transform adverse regulatory findings into solutions that yield improvements in safety, efficiency and effectiveness for certification and sustainable compliance. First-hand knowledge of executive-level nursing, hospital operations, quality, and risk management are all embedded in the guidance she provides to organizations to help them achieve and maintain regulatory approval.
Bud Pate
Vice President, Clinical Compliance & High Reliability @Chartis Clinical Quality Solutions
Bud began his career in Public Health in 1973. By the time Bud left government service in 1988 to Join Kaiser Permanente, he managed state licensing and CMS survey activities for all non-long-term care providers/suppliers in Los Angeles County, the world’s 9th largest healthcare market. During his 15 years at Kaiser, Bud was responsible for hospital licensure, certification, and accreditation throughout the Southern California Region. Bud joined Chartis Clinical Quality Solutions (formerly The Greeley Company) in 2004 where he and Lisa Eddy developed the nation’s preeminent clinical compliance consulting group. Bud has lectured at many national conferences, authored seven books on quality, safety, and compliance, and represented the American Hospital Association on various Joint Commission committees. Bud has been instrumental in developing and nurturing our extraordinary approach to sustained compliance through simplification.
Jesse Neil
Partner @Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP
Jesse Neil is a veteran healthcare attorney who helps clients bridge two complex worlds—healthcare operations and public policy. Jesse advises senior management and healthcare company boards regarding policy, governance, and regulatory matters, and he serves as strategic counsel to healthcare providers throughout the US. Governmental, non-profit, and for-profit hospital boards rely on Jesse to find solutions to their unique challenges. He has deep expertise guiding hospital systems through the merger, acquisition, and restructuring process to adapt governance and operations to today’s operating environment. He brings experience managing the competing operational, financial, regulatory, and political issues that arise in these transactions. Jesse also helps healthcare companies, investors, and lenders to avoid and address compliance issues related to EMTALA, the Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute, False Claims Act, HIPAA, licensure requirements, and other state & federal healthcare laws.